Poem: I loved her from the moment she put pen to paper – 21/02/20

I loved her from the moment she put pen to paper.
Her heartfelt poetry just sang and sang,
like a robin whose eggs have presently been laid,
a proud woman she is,
I loved her from the moment she put pen to paper.
She sought the times when her heart
ached, flowed, and ebbed,
she wrote and wrote of how her integrity had been exploited and foolishly spent,
her tales of young and old and precious emotions set in stone,
she quietly wonders to herself: will I ever be known?
I love her regardless, for the words she pens and owns.
Strike not the elements which assist her upon her path,
relish not the pain and suffering which she’ll detail as it
dwells, not departs,
and understand that she exposes beyond her flesh,
her raw insides,
her twisted bone, meat and sinew,
realise that she does this all
so she’s not required to live behind a guise.
I love her eternally for how she soars with and alongside her words,
peddles her emotions back and then forth,
makes them breathe with intent and love,
adoring her as she adores her world,
no matter how stiffly or difficult it can be at times
for it to turn.
World, spin upon your axis, so she can continue to thrive,
release her from her demons,
to detail the purging, exorcising, from her life!
Allow her to remain fiery yet soft,
tender and loved,
outspoken and muted,
all contradictions imbued.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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