Poem: I Await – 11/03/20

Awaiting that irrevocable touch
Upon my hair-raised skin,
I know it will be magnificent, the time for reflection,
To make myself chaste, from within.
Butter me up, darling,
I know the emotions too well,
Of diving, sinking,
And finding no treasure,
The tides know my desires all too well.
But I will leap from the depths,
I will soar with grace and humanity,
The beauty of the softened mammal,
Splashes, re-entry.
And gyrations of the bluest truth,
Which, occasionally could not –
Cannot –
Be handled,
Herein lies the beauty of
the wondrous world of self-reliance.
And although most live and yearn to find a mate,
A twin flame, a soul matching ours,
The blueprints complex, though matching in many ways,
The phoenixes from their burning pasts,
Rise and soar,
Reaching their own old effigies,
Amazing and looming that they are.
We can live as one,
Or two,
A little of both,
That soft, generous touch I long for,
Why, it seems to come from the grasp of
A myriad of stars,
A bank of overwhelming hope.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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  1. I searched all over this country to find someone. I had many highs with different people and heavy lows as well. You touch on the gracious feelings of being with another, and it’s true. When you find someone right it’s like all those wasted feelings and places are resolved.

    We are often very reliant within ourselves when we’ve not found someone. We have to be. We can’t just sit and be in wanting all the time. We have to live. And it is confusing when looking for someone. You try this and that, do this app that app, set up this and that profile, in the effort to cast a wide net, it’s confusing.

    And leaping from the depths as you put it, another truth. Many may not know, but there are so many people who wish to be with someone right for them, and it’s very hard to go 10 20 years waiting, dating, and so on.

    So your poem did this for me. You touch on points lightly, delicately. It’s easy to gloss over this poem, that’s why you have to read it carefully, even in reverse.

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    1. Thank you for the in depth breakdown you’ve shared on how my poem made you feel. I think it’s really special that my words were able to make you feel that way, and for that, I am grateful and humbled. Thank you.

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