Poem: Looking to Brighter Days – 07/08/20

I tell myself to be positive,
there’s no reason in the world that hope for human life
should cave in.
I tell myself to see the positive side of things,
that there is not pain and suffering everywhere I turn,
my heart shouldn’t flat-line:
the highs and lows of existence, 
the pitch should still sing with a subtle twang and slight whine.
While I think of those unknown, unnamed others
who have suffered from disaster,
those whom have passed, while loved ones grieve,
lament their family members, friends, close others,
I will recognise their plight,

and I tell myself I must be positive for others,
perhaps if I can bring a single person a smile
this day,
I have created and shared a little light.
While things may seem uncertain, maybe everything
will turn out okay,
I see that being open and ready
to receive the daily bad news
makes us stronger each day,
and to accept that while things aren’t set to improve just yet,
others have, or are experiencing similar or are suffering far worse,
and we must collectively fight with our inner strength
which makes battling these challenges so right, 
our quest to dispel this unseen danger every day and inky night.  
To be positive in a world that’s in a state of disaster,
it is wise and it is perfect to do so because it provides
us the hope that we need to keep on going,
positivity and optimism will never go astray,
they’re traits we should intentionally master.
While events and numbers may stare us plainly and cruelly
in the face,
I know I can absorb the news and tell myself,
it will get better, it’ll take time,
there are measures in place,
we must have faith.
And faith is what we really must grasp,
hold it above our heads graciously,
or clasp it to our chests,
and pray for deliverance from this evil seed
which has implanted itself into the fabric of each of our lives,
we will make it through this,
we simply needed to make some slight adjustments and sacrifice.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

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