Prose: Seeking Happiness – 20/09/20

The differences between us could be enormous. Life experiences, personal beliefs, ways of going about things. I guess the one thing we mostly have in common is a desire to be happy. Happiness can manifest itself in many ways from many things, but I’m not interested in seeking it through the materialistic. I’m interested in the personal and interpersonal. We can exist alone but who would we be without companionship, friendships, emotional ties, relatability?

Over the years, my friendship circle has diminished somewhat, for whatever reasons disclosed or undisclosed, but I cherish those who have remained in my life. Human connection is very much required, especially for me. I know some people would happily exist without contact from others, but I feel they might be few and far in between, perhaps some already experiencing unhappiness and wanting to shy away.

I know in myself the differences between us really don’t and shouldn’t count. We each have our own method of striving for happiness, but as long as the means isn’t immoral, cruel, or unkind, I encourage the exploration of your potential paths. Because, sometimes even we don’t know what it is that will make us happy; it could be a misleading impulse within our mind or heart, a shrieking volume instructing us to take this or that road, and then in the end, it was the wrong message and path all along.

But I encourage you to trust both your heart and mind, and if the message is a mistake, it’s an opportunity to learn about what is not right for you. Forget about our differences, and start embracing the similarities. Broadly speaking, we all want to be happy. Let’s make this happen.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

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