Poem: Already Departed – 27/07/20

I am sick to death of this draining, this haunted state of false reverie where I’m lulled into a state of dumbfound and airiness, because the flow, it has ceased, as I know it to be.   Beautiful melodies once soared from my throat, from my lips, blustering blight, I’m not at all pardoned, from [...]

Poem: Soaring Wings – 23/07/20

We spread our wings each time we share, we spread ourselves feather-tip to feather-tip, we open ourselves up, we tweet, we sing, with soaring pitches, we dare.   We allow insight into our hearts and minds, our light that’s dimmed we make bright, to smile unto another’s confused face, and make them feel utterly compelled [...]

Poem: Butterfly Needle – 06/07/20

How much can I provide of myself before the dripping blood ceases then clots?   A silent protesting of my vein that I’ve given all I can willingly give – there comes a point where I must stop.   The vein is worn, to extract any further would require that butterfly needle, that gentle implement [...]

Poem: First and Foremost – Spoken Word and Text – 25/06/20

https://soundcloud.com/user-894707136/first-and-foremost-spoken-word-poetry-1 Jovial and content, happy, playful, sweet, a way of living has evolved from haphazard, crazed dreams.   Where I tumbled from one scene to another, trying to find where I belonged,   acceptance, love, were what I was seeking, the line thrown to reach them rigid and taut.   No more slapdash or faux [...]