Poem: At What Cost? – 02/06/21

I am mesmerised, I am amazed by the opportunities available, a contented smile decorates my lips, eyes sparkling like popped champagne bubbles, they dart up and within my irises, each glimmer, every speckle breathes life between the silences which exist amidst peeps of delight -- the night, the night, knows well of these. [...]

Prose: A Foretelling Sense of Importance – 27/05/21

I prioritise the things that important, so too, the people in my life. I acknowledge every moment, but I magnify the truth behind what’s necessary or needed. What is unnecessary will fall by the wayside; I must work to the best of my ability to sort the endangered from the general herd. And to understand that people bless me with their presence, with a smile, a tilted upward nod, a wink and a half, knowing that they’re instilling their emotions and feeling, well, this is a sign of their efforts to form a second’s connection – their [...]