Prose: Journey to the Light – 01/06/21

Allow me to gambol, to rise with positive growth – what a goal this is, this moment of truth in itself. It will truly show and detail, I place myself in the right, waltz outrageously and joyfully, inextricably into the night. There is nothing to fear in the darkness; I am strong, safe, no one is hunting, no search for vulnerabilities, gaps, chinks in the armour, when unsubstantiated evidence can breathe and easily flee.

My journey to the light is an intention, a focusing of comprehension, the knowing, that being in dimness is not frightening, but character-building. For, if I cannot see with my own two eyes, I must be guided by head and heart, arms are my feelers, they stiffen, reach forth. I fumble in the darkness some more.

Vigorously, I wave my hands this way, that, coming across nothing, perhaps I’m in a room that’s empty and bereft of anything negative, of any prior circumstance I shall not share its air, nor breath – I am miraculously understanding this inner light which is guiding me from my interior, and realising now what it means to me.

Covered with a fine veil, the area of inner light peeks through dotted lace: a shroud of sorts to a monument, I am attending to this – my loved ones, so proud. I’m relaxed, with my strength, with my desire to do good for the world, myself, others, I am, I may be engulfed by darkness currently, but I am led by my brightness within, in and of itself.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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  1. Ahhhh, this is beautiful, dear Lauren. There is so much to write, yet will simply state that the poem reminds me of my journey the past 4 years; and, that the poem evokes feelings of the difficult and beauty in every step one takes towards their authentic selves. The paradox that is life. A lovely piece of prose.❤️

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    1. Thanks, Jeff! I am so happy that you found parallels between our paths, and that you can feel my journey as I travel along and describe mine. It is wonderful we found each other here and can appreciate each others’ words and work. I love this process. 🙂 ❤

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