Poem: The Keyhole – 03/06/21

There is no thought involved
to access personal wisdom,
inhale, exhale,
irreversible – the accessible?
Align with your Incredible.

Enter into the keyhole
which guards secrets within,
past those pearled gates,
access is possible
if you meditate and ruminate freely.

If anything arises
which impedes your process,
understand that to move forward
we should adopt the most relaxed
manner we can,
remembering we are blessed.

No tiresome inabilities
to achieve or gain,
ignorance, excuses,
no longer bear pain.

Enlivening the memories
without acting as though
it’s a task,
better still, receive,
receive, understand
the captured worthiness,
watch it grow,
self-growth at full mast.

It may seem beyond our knowledge
that this circle of wisdom
can extend,
allowing for flow,
for brightness,
amazing this power within you
as it attends, and you comprehend.

Because every part of me
I have come to properly learn,
it is my heart which connects,
makes pathways,
from my memory pool to see,
then discern,

knowing now I’m truly
better off on my own,
I must be firm and capable
at standing and walking
confidently, alone.

Accompanied at times only by
those who listen, share, and support,
a circle of trust,
a personal cohort.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image from Pexels

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