Poem: At What Cost? – 02/06/21

I am mesmerised,
I am amazed by the
opportunities available,
a contented smile decorates my lips,
eyes sparkling like
popped champagne bubbles,
they dart up and within my irises,
each glimmer,
every speckle breathes life
between the silences
which exist amidst
peeps of delight —
the night, the night,
knows well of these.

Let us come together,
watch, wait and learn
at the processes,
they’re harmless, yes?
You know nothing of the
consequence of these,
there’s burgeoning duress,

but understand completely
your wish to know
of the debt –
there’s no investment without intent,
unwilling to unashamedly make amends.

And the truth is,
the source of this is,
I, I have ceased to care,
oblivious to obvious moments,
I should have been wide-eyed, wide-open,
but I refuse to deplore,
a learning curve, of sorts;
god damn, I’ve actually learned,
not simply preconceived notions and returning,
those mistakes, those behaviours,
a dulled, boring blur.

Better leave the moments as they are,
inert, unmoving, unspoken words.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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