Poem: Crumble – 16/06/21

There are times when I crumble,
rare they be, they’re there,
can’t always be self-assured,
my stomach turns,
mind feels consumed,
my carefree self, loaded with discomfiting airs.

Unfortunate is the moment
when I can’t rejoice
because of what’s occurring,
the panic, nervous anxiety,
peering eyes,
curious crowds?
Overactive minds.

I need to acknowledge my value,
what my presence means
in the world,
I may be one of billions,
but I’m unique
in my own ways,
a special individual,
like any and all others.

Truth unfurls,
fetal position,
now uncurl,
standing tall,
spine erect,
eyes facing, direct,
gaze unwavering,
confidence bursting,
lost in a moment,
powerful vision,
striding ahead —
being utterly daring.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

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  1. I agree with Grace. A beautiful, beautiful, piece, dear Lauren! The emotion you evoke is so wonderfully impactful, I was on the ground with you, learning to stand, and take that next step. Lovely. ❤❤

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