Poem: For the Rain – 08/09/21

I pray for our future,
I pray for the rain,
the scent upon our once-dry shoulders
smouldering us,
yet from angry cloud formations
we edge away in vain,
but because we are prone,
prone to the stares of youth,
we smile, and we grin to ourselves
for we know the whole truth.

The motley group stands and witnesses
as we dance ourselves silly
in the pelting rain
and howling breeze,
no longer encumbered by past holdings of
circumstance and desire to cower,
wind whistles between gapped thighs and knees,
this is our rain dance,
feel the shower.

Our power lies within our ability
to receive,
from God’s land we will cherish
what has been given to us,
we will accumulate the raindrops,
water stores
they drench us,
replenish us,
we grin and cackle together,
so much joy,
so much, galore,
so much more in store.

The youth stand and stare;
they do not understand,
how we, as old souls are apparently
going mad,
but we are embracing all that is
being given to us,
Nature in her surety is paddling her wings
among the skyward lake for us,
you see.

So, darlings, my youthful obstructions,
you wonderful beings who cannot understand
our appreciative actions,
wonder not at our ability to shine,
amid the turbulent wind pattern and rain,
but rather watch us embrace all that Mother Nature is willing to give,
she provides to us,
she cleanses us,
cleanses me,
we are amazed.

This feeling is one in which
I love to revel in,
we shall continue appreciating for many
forthcoming days.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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