Poem: With Ease – A Swan Song – 09/08/21

Living for the momentum and
living for the dream,
thoughts tossed,
bruised and broken,
living despite ill feeling.

The circumstances are these:
I do not taunt, I do not tease,
I live above and beyond,
how I experience the world,
predication, I know it, for these.

Warble yet, my dear swan,
gangly neck though thee has,
I do not know, do not know,
whether the games played,
stone’s thrown,
will seriously cause another to
come undone,
thoughts expelled,
contemplative or mad.

The truth, the fact of the matter is,
I’m rather like my own swan of truth,
interweaving elegance and wings which flap
with ease,
bright glide and there’s no other
than that another,
who knows of my true crazy patterns
they’re lived, so breathed,
within, deep personal power.

For it is with fluidity, with comfortability,
that I have been allowed to define,
contemplation, rumination, no stagnation,
progress within this virulent nation,
why, is this not a sight for sorry eyes?

Treasuring this life as mine,
gracious though precious be,
I am grateful for my life situation,
so much is calling unto me.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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