Poem: Refractions – 09/08/21

The growling primal fear
which rears its head
dances its eyes over our
and in a plethora of
it wisely retreats into
the distance,
pillars surround us
as petals, thrown,
fall from invisible hands.

The area we find ourselves in
beckons to outsiders
near and far,
cajoling them,
calling them in,
to come join
the party,
if one could call
it this,
we are prisms within
shafts of light,
sensing deep within.

And so, we carry on,
dispel any negativity,
growth is a factor,
plurals multiply,
lace-widths of sin
and unroll do these errors from past, future and
our history determines
how much we want  
others to know.

So, wary are we,
these refractions dance so thin,
like slicing daggers into
unwanted entities,
our lovers hear and own
everything that shouldn’t
be seen,
as though thickets,
deep brush,
slash, gash, branches
not so tough,
do and say are different things,
but results matter most,
is what some might say.

Thinning out,
excavating memories of time,
white-hot circumstance,
disallowing swallows flighty times,
drift away from that sea
that calls and calls,
deep swells for you,
and for me – well,
I’m tackle what I am given,

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Emma on Unsplash

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