Poem: disarmed – 12/12/21

change is as impermanent as the irreverent footsteps brushing against the floorboards then carpeted pavement travelling toward the bedroom door for a glimmer of your strength as your heart it beats quietly in slumber days well spent days well spent I sigh to myself for I see the journey within your nightly trials in your eyes sparkles glimmer alterations to be observed and saved soul shimmers [...]

Poem: steely gorges – 10/11/21

bombastic the moment is fantastique when I shudder with deep peace it’s overall amazing but consequences consequences of this goddamned show pantomime the pleasure, suffering, will I watch it go? I acknowledge it is worthy of being much adored the events forthcoming unexpected yet awaited something silently asked, yearned for it’s inherently palatable this desire we can call home but indulgences in memorandum are dangerous won’t we desire them less? No, let the heart roam. [...]

Poem: Growth – 31/10/21

sit and contemplatewhat is there to knowwhat is there to sharefrom what has been sownso much knowledgeexperience but they alllay in the pastmoving forwardsearching for moreexploration, positive at lastgrowing each daythere’s no need to turn to dismayfor moments of yesteryears areexactly thatand improvement, well, what is there to fear?I can grow exponentially if I only [...]

Prose: Losing Grip, Gaining Momentum – 30/05/21

Stability, balance, breath; it’s all I need, in, out, announcing my presence, my cares rise like air, into the atmosphere they appear to swirl, yet in my mind, I am stagnant, there must be a woman within, not this impressionable young, little girl inside. That youngster awaits, with insolence, she does not want to see, that the path undertaken by some ill-fated decisions, their negativities and future judgements allowed are glaring to others, plain to see. Why cannot I understand that I’m losing grip [...]

Prose: A Decree to be Felt, Heard, and Seen – 26/05/21

There’s a gentle humming surrounding my being, as though I’m reverberating from the inside-out. Something warm and prominent spreads out to my border, my aura, and there’s no ill feeling, nor any sign of doubt. Every inch of flesh breathes shudders with gentle flow, reminding me I’m living and breathing and, with connectedness to a higher source, my energy resonates and grows. [...]