Poem: Here We Go Round the Merry-Go-Round – 06/12/19

I picked the best horse,
he looks to be a bright blue stallion,
head thrown back
as though caught in the height of action.
His mane, tufty in appearance yet made of plastic,
surrounded by two females, pink and purple
whose eyes aren’t bothering to view him.
My stallion isn’t distracted,
he is here and he is present,
in mind and body and soul
I will ride him on this merry-go-round.
He will always beat the females
who appear there simply to preen,
not for any horse other than themselves
their attentions are for themselves, it seems.
And as I win the race with my stallion in first place
I know that I could have performed the task myself,
with my human legs running upon the ride
as a sprinter’s dream.
But it’s nice to have something leading the way,
and persisting in its dreams.
So, I dismount from the stallion
pat his mane gently all the way down his spine
I thank him for his galloping ability
and wish I could make this merry-go ride mine.
Not because it caused me a thrill,
not because I wish for eloquence or speed,
but simply because it allowed me a break from my life,
where I was in front, a forerunner, a winner,
without needing to beg to be seen.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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