Poem: A Flourishing Rose – 10/06/20

Creation, creation,
how could we have created a love
so pure?

Inklings of adoration,
a potential pink,
a potential blue.
The resonance of a
tiny being,
held within,
encased so true, 
a monumental revelation:
we didn’t mean for your making,
but darling, how I already adore you.
In my heart of hearts
I know the journey will be rough,
but I am prepared, I know myself,
our bond will be perfect,
I feel the connection already;
it is more than enough.
You’re growing every moment,
germinated from a seed,
flourishing into a rose,
perhaps you were quietly planned,
subconscious desires grown.
And I understand the implication
your arrival will have on
our and other’s lives,
a bundle of beauty,
a bundle of joy,
your face serene and sweet
and bright.
I will watch you grow,
lovingly attend to you
during your years,
our lives changed for the better,
unconditional love to bestow,
upon you this we will give.
Though a rose is a rose
by any other name,
I shall hold you
in my arms,
anonymous though you may be,
you will be precious all the same. 
You are my creation,
our pride and glory,
Rose you shall be,
by your very own name,
so tiny in my protective embrace,
I draw you close,
inhale your fresh scent,
united our lives are,
you’re the missing piece of our puzzle,
it’s so wondrous to welcome you on this day.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by armennano from Pixabay

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