Poem: To Make a Difference – 05/07/20

Wanting to make a difference,
trying to be heard,
I've spoken at length
and, I fear I've pained some 
and ears,
still, I insisted on 
sharing more, and more, and more.
I’d apologise for
being fixated,
but, I am compelled, 
I want to
share my truths,

will they, have they
made a difference?
Could you relate?
Were you moved?
I know I need to
pull back,
drag drawstrings on the
crazed kite that’s
whipped so free,
decrease the momentum,
I need to drag, drag,
my words straight back to me.
To corner them in
a box,
a private site for
me alone,
until I can assess
what should be shared,
not haphazardly at you thrown.
Sometimes I share so
I feel less alone,
knowing that others
are sharing my
experiences, too,
makes me feel like
my varied path with its mistakes
and pains
may have more of a learning curve to 
ride and view.
I cannot help that
I’ve overloaded,
but when I look back
on my words,
I’m pleased that I’ve
that I've opened up,
perhaps to you,
and to others,
this has drawn us closer.
Understanding to be allowed,
ne’er to be undone,
these moments, experiences,
truths of mine,
recollected and digested

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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