Poem: Effervescent Eyes – 22/09/20

We’re walking through the streets,
hand in hand we stop to take a sip of our drinks,
we have so much to share,
so much happiness to spread,
we’re like deviants of the light,
spreading joy with all our might.

Trailing behind are the remnants of ill feeling,
we’d cast them aside long before,
the lingering feeling of discontentment is still present,
but we’re forgetting,
our argument, we are carefully clearing.

Our souls bond with sparks,
like the melding of metal to metal,
and wood to fire we catch the heat of our
loving concern and care,

we are a rich source of oxygen-thieving and warmth,
positive feelings,
we will always have a link, a tie,
no matter the circumstances,
no matter whether we pull apart because
one or the other needs some form of personal healing.

Our sodas are light and sparkling
just like our eyes,
effervescent like the youth still in our maturing tides,
as we grow together, we learn from each other,
friendship, strength, a bond
that may not always be stable
but still retains the strength
like reinforced walls,
and we sip and sip,
laughing to ourselves.

Onward, onward,
homeward bound.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

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