Poem: Falsetto – 12/07/21

The journey to discover,
it appears to have come to an end.
Searched high, falsetto,
didn’t want to rock, rock the boat
of common decency,
wanted to learn to be sweeter,
to please,
inner authenticity,
smiling wordings,
positive painted pictures,
poetry which aimed to dance
with ease.

I spoke with my soul,
brightness, affirmations,
drowned out true grit and longing,
why couldn’t I write ‘me’?
Wasn’t that a valid, true calling?

Yet I let the yowling lay aside,
slide away,
grinning genuineness;
I thought I was making better of myself,
instead my vibrant pieces went away to hide.

But I know now
I must be true,
speak my mind,
my snide and smiles,
character-crushing will never do,

I must honour all facets
of my personality,
wrangle goodness and wit and charm,
sardonic fingers play with ease,

I am, I am, positive thoughts,
these I do praise and commend,
but I have to do this my own way,
lest my validity go astray
and I’m left with endangered
shards to mend each day.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Aquamarine_song from Pixabay

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