Poem: Wanderer – 12/09/21

Open arms found in this wide world of mine,
delicately and excitedly they’ve welcomed me in.
I’m thankful for the support, friendship, and more,
each morning or evening, my comrades’ words I can explore.
Their thoughts, laid upon the screen, bright, blinking,
I take them in,
ascertaining deeper meaning, truth-seeking,
prisms of depth and reasoning,
wondrous intentions blossoming.

There may be others lurking with disinterest,
or malice planned, or already committed,
but these types of soldiers are unworthy of connection,
for loving souls, I am already surrounded by them,
they lift me up, they carry me with strong arms,
watch over with careful eyes,
speak with wise words,
and tumbling aside from the noises,
the unwanted sounds all around,
until I am away with my party of many,
wondrous precious crowd,
only positivity is allowed.  

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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