Poem: Rolling Waves and Green Pastures – 02/10/20

Rolling waves in my mind pass by,
sumptuous, decadent,
tidal, in their own time,
I smile to myself as I feel the ebb and the flow
of my thoughts travel singularly
then as one,
a conglomeration of multitudes,
my will,
coming along so beautifully,
they could temporarily stun.

This is my time,
my springtime of my middle youth,
where I have now grown and prematurely gone to pasture
and I am taking in all I can,
this is truth.

I am relaxing in my moments,
I am sinking in the hay,
I am enjoying the fresh wind,
the air,
the breeze,
it softens me,
I smile to myself,
and I wish that I could stay.

I am at one with this world,
I am becoming the strength I’ve long searched for,
what I’ve needed,
what I’ve come to depend upon others for,
but now I am powerful,
and I can ride those waves as though upon a creature
battling the crests,
with magical chimes and
announcements sounding all around
that I have arrived.

I am profound,
or at least, I believe I am,
I hear these sounds,
I take in the smiles,
the welcoming body language and calls
of my family,
from the land, the water,
the pastures,
oh, such wanted sounds.

I am accepted,
but more importantly,
I am accepting myself finally,
I am here,
in mind, body and spirit,
as one, not separate entities,

and off the cuff,
I compose gentle words in my mind
as I watch the waves
rise and fall,

my heart,
my mind,
my presence,
I will accept myself,
flaws and all.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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