Poem: Fields of Colour – 02/01/21

Ink and colours swirl and fly,
admirably they meld into the other,
watch our joy multiply.
There’s not a moment too soon
when we can reach into the stars,
colours, outlines, so fantastical,
we can hardly believe them ours.

I know that these hues and shades
might not be here forever,
but I appreciate and accept,
allow them to provide my eyes pleasure
and favour while I introspect,

I know not their meanings to you,
but to me they are plentiful,
vivid, true,
here’s what I’ve planned,
I know not what with the colours
you plan to do.

Be delicate with them,
I chide but smile,
wonder not,
the colours will remain for a long while,
the moment of truth is when
decisions are made with great charms,
wondering, and wandering,
into fields of open arms.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image by Jeremy Thomas, Unsplash.

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