Poem: Shade – 07/08/21

Light and shade,
I sweep the curtains shut,
keeping creeping moody blues
in mind,
seems they’ll never stop.

Heaving and breathing,
huffing and a-puffing,
affected am I this night,
heathens nesting in the room
from dawn until morning light.

Struggles to create
in a manner bright and saved,
annoyances in the gutter,
when will my thoughts be tamed?
For I am ailing, but to some,
no matter, I’m the one
who should troupe on regardless
of what I’m lacking in
my personal power.

I loathe, I hate,
this weakness in myself,
the inability to say no,
wanting to please,
keep their flashy smiles
in a row,
whilst I, I sit here in pain,
distended dreams,
dreamt in vain,
upon the moody windowpane,
trickles of falsified tears,
rain trails there to be admired,
cleansed pathways reverse-inked
in droves.

Light and shade calls forth
but all that seems present
is shade and shadows thrown,
there is no sunrise rising,
no beauty in my morning,
I mourn for things which I yearned for,
yowling presence causes progress
to begin stalling.

The bracken in this bonfire
lit by a little match,
how small a thought can then
become an inferno,
developing into disgust in myself
as of late,

what happened to living my
best life,
I’m exhausted to the point
I cannot breathe…
stifling this shallow breath,
for recycled air,
I begin to heave and heave.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Rafael Leão on Unsplash

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  1. The rawness you create in this piece is gorgeous, as is humanities despair and the possibility of hope that lives inside such despair that we all have felt. Love this poem, dearest Lauren.. ❤️🥰

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