Poem: airless dolls – 21/11/21

the righteous favour the brave
but the brave favour themselves
there’s little need to further delve
it’s just the way they display themselves

barbie girls upon on the shelf
awaiting their knight
to be rescued by the hero
victorious from the fight

they smile from cheek to cheek
pearly whites framed by pillows of
pale high society pink
waists as small as inched parading
eyes brighter than the cunning hunters
as of late

soaring the night air for their prey
they are fastidious but wouldn’t you know it
that, incredible, incredible
is the moment when they capture
the hearts and minds
of the passing toy soldiers beneath them

in their boxes the dolls smile smile smile
there’s much to be absorbed from their dials
but beneath the facets
the facades
not much, in a while.

lacking the ability to be whole
hearts empty as a vacuous vessel
veering this way and that to scoop up
as many airless dreams
as one can pursue and slew.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

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