Poem: Living my Best Life – 01/08/21

Living the best life
that I have known,
rich with friendships,
loyalty, calm and respect
within the home,
ladened with kindness,
listening, understanding,
appreciating life for
what it’s delivering.

I’m amazed at true contentedness,
this feeling of warmth,
of bliss,
the comfortable space I’m in,
where my heart and mind subsist,
I have grown as a person,
I’ve become surer of myself
in ways I’ve not ever known,
confidence breeds self-knowledge,
and genuine love for myself
and others is assured.

I wonder not now at what
could have been
nor dwell on what was,
I am grateful and gracious
for the time I have in
this world,
it’s like everything is falling into place,
a world of almost-perfection,
meeting me with haste.

And so, I develop,
and work on my spirit
some more,
so much time in life
yet so little,
never a chance to complain
or be bored,
I appreciate everything I’ve been given,
and everything that’s coming
my way,
I will replenish my soul,
my life,
with truest brightness
every day.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Courtney Cook on Unsplash

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