Poem: uncontrollable – 13/11/12

the uncontrollable nature
as the shades begin to groan
blossom apparently in fruition
but aching in a row
floral paper-maché, delicate yet growing stronger
i cannot hold myself together
unlike the kaleidoscope
i succumb i fall under

what is left but my wavering resolve
shaking with anticipation
my heart it aches it moans
it’s existing in the screaming drivel of itself
to annihilate everything before me
i want need have to delve

the brightness of the blooms are belligerent
with their cheery disposition
contradictory in nature to my demeanour
i cannot begin to fathom
the aftermath
the dangers
what am i doing to myself
i wonder
is there any intention or point in analysing
sheer contemplation?
place these moments away high on the shelf.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Painting by Lauren M, Hancock, copyright 2021

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