Poem: To Adjust – 20/10/21

To isolate, but willingly,
set aside myself from
that once-hurried life,
is something rightfully
required, and
I know this as such.

To work on myself –
take the time to relax,
not always be ‘at it’,
the social butterfly,
no longer me.

I am repetitive, yes,
but it’s to do with
my training,
the ability to wash over
myself affirming words
every morning.

Others have done so too,
taken their paths,
months, years prior,
I’m here at long last,
watching, willing, no longer
passively waiting,
but performing all that
needs doing,
and more so,
just so there’s no yearning.

And pieces of me
once scattered around
the globe
by uncaring hearts who took,
each piece
dropped, thrown,
now I caress my gathered shards
that make up my
healing, healing heart,
loving, warming self-care,

I toss aside my long ebony hair
and valiantly smile
for I am here,
grateful and alone,
I sit atop my chair
and feel contentment;
this world is finally
feeling like a home.

Surrounded by everything
once prized, now lacking meaning,
because material possessions,
what need have I for everything?
Give my heart and soul to another when
time deems it ready.

Wondrous, this process
of learning to turn thoughts around,
look at the positive, hopefully always,
feed myself with joyous messages,
sounds, thoughts.

I need to do this
not just for myself
but for those closest to me,
I, myself, them, deserve only
the best version of me,
and if this means isolation,
temporarily from the world,
as much as I can,
I’ll take this time,
adjust myself accordingly,
and allow my truest heart to shine.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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