Poem: disarmed – 12/12/21

change is as impermanent as the irreverent footsteps
brushing against the floorboards  
then carpeted pavement
travelling toward the bedroom door for a glimmer
of your strength as your heart it beats quietly in slumber
days well spent days well spent
I sigh to myself for I see the journey within your nightly trials
in your eyes sparkles glimmer
alterations to be observed and saved
soul shimmers

you altered your life path
you designed a new trial to be outlasted and
mistakes made wittingly
aside and cast
you grew in redemption
a beautiful soul reflection
sewn regeneration
flowering ascension
imperfect connections
yet perfect corrections
as bold and wondrous as the claret flowing through
your bursting spirit
your special soul
need I, dare I mention?
the colours of your fall,
the shade of your winter soul,
the spring in your flowering steps,
the beautiful summer sunset,
you are evolving as you become the centre,
the One,
I’m torn – do I let you sleep
or wake you, embrace you,
snuffling warmth?

I just want to encourage you
congratulate you
for the change that’s become of you
your flight path
nothing to fear
no harm,
you’ve made it through the danger zone
and blissfully
I see you hovering and soaring above
that former storm.
well done, my lovely,
well done.
my heart you have eternally disarmed.  
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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